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Nicki Minaj bts MTV EMA’s 2014 photoshoot

As soon as [Louis] is here or whenever Lukas gets to meet my son, he’s unbelievable, everybody would love to have a father like this, it’s remarkable how he changes and how he’s treating children. I didn’t expect that. He knows exactly what matters, what children need. A certain amount of closeness, but also that love he spreads around them, that’s what surprised me a lot!

Per Mertesacker on Lukas Podolski’s ability to be awesome with children. (via seventeenlovesthree)

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I want to see Mads trying to eat Hugh's arm

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Miro’s various expressions in press conference 


Only gifs with longer time could illustrate better…
Miro_4 Sep 2011_01

Miro_4 Sep 2011_02




Cats in scarves in the fall.

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Manuel Neuer during the EURO 2016 Qualifier between Germany and Republic of Ireland at the Veltins-Arena on October 14, 2014 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


Countdown to HalloweenCarnival of Souls (1962)

you just can’t let your imagination run wild…

Many of us feel like they belong to two nationalities. When it comes to football, you can only wear the colours of one country. Lukas is living proof that you don’t have to turn your back on the other one.

Mesut Özil in Lukas Podolski’s book “Dran bleiben!” (2013).

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[In the match against Costa Rica at World Cup 2006] Miro Klose managed to score two out of four goals and thus gave himself the best birthday present of all times, for himself, for Germany, for us! In the second match, we had to play against Poland. And the media started all different kinds of speculations: Klose and Podolski against their hometown, a conflict concerning loyalty, how is that supposed to work out? In that moment, that was the last thing we cared about. We wanted to advance to the next round and thus we wanted to win. (…) [After the match against Sweden] it felt like everything was going well. My teammates shared that feeling, we worked fantastically as a team and due to our teamwork and thanks to the marvelous Miro Klose, who passed the ball to me, I scored the first goal. Mind you, with my right foot. I also have to thank Miro for the second goal, he basically left the ball there for me to score. We have always played well together, but against Sweden, everything was perfect.

Lukas Podolski on Miroslav Klose during the Sommermärchen in his book “Dran bleiben!” (2013).

…everything was perfect.