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Transfer Rumors: Remix 

Xavi Alonso to Bayern? What is even happening anymore? They take our Toni and toss us an old man (yeah, yeah, he’s still younger than Miro but did Xavi just win a WC, noooooo, did my favorite 36 year old just win one, yeeeeees…okay so maybe Xavi’s side won CL last year so it’s okay. Plus he’s a good dude. And fit…so welcome aboard! Mia san fucking mia.)?

I’m just going to wait for all the dust to settle before trying to wrap my mind around this particularly crazy post-WC transfer window.

We challenged Olivier Giroud, one of the world’s finest footballers, to tie a tie.

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Marco Reus, Toni Kroos, Miroslav Klose and Mario Götze Mannschaft

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13.6.14: Milford Sound: PT Anderson Tribute Shot.

13.6.14: Milford Sound: PT Anderson Tribute Shot.

you know how when you binge watch a show and there’s that one character you are mildly attracted to in the pilot and then all the sudden it’s the middle of season two and you are kind of, maybe, a little bit, totally, head over heels in love and before you know it you’re starting season five and goddamn if you aren’t ready to freaking lay down your life for this ridiculous, obnoxious, stupid, beautiful, lovely, gorgeous fictional person…

Transfer Rumor Season 

But, but, but Lukas, we agreed on this back in 2012! If you ever go to Italy then you’d have to play with Miro at Lazio! Come on! 

I really didn’t believe the rumors this time around but when he didn’t even travel for the Everton game yesterday despite both Per and Mesut being back and the fact Lukas should be just as fit…well…

But, you know, if he gets a starting position/consistent play and is in Italy!!!! (though I wish it was at Lazio, damn you) let’s say I would not be too upset. Very much the opposite, in fact. I’m pretty sure I’m alone in this sentiment—at least among fans of Arsenal. Though it is sad because Lukas clearly loves Arsenal and has really enjoyed his time in London. However, my love of Lukas precedes my fannish love of Arsenal so if he can get more consistent play time (and be in the same league as Miro once again!!!) then I’ll be very, very happy—because he is still young and I have been scarred for life by Miro’s last season at Bayern and do not ever want to see another player with such talent wasted on the bench…so if Lukas needs to go to get more play I am happy…


On what he’s going to do when he retires from playing: "I want to get a coaching licence. That’s what I want to do… that’s what matters to me."

Hiroshima, Mon Amour (1959), dir. Alain Resnais

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Miroslav Klose & Lukas Podolski: FC Bayern München: 07-09: In Motion

Miroslav Klose & Lukas Podolski: FC Bayern München: 2007-2009

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Ahhh, sorry this took me a million years!

-One time, about four years ago in Oxford, Archbishop Desmond Tutu made me a South African for about a minute before revoking my citizenship. No joke. It was awesome.

-I love sports, in case you couldn’t tell…hehe. However, I seem to only really love sports that I am not very good at or ones I never really played (I stuck mainly to volleyball and softball). Perhaps because I’m not good at these sports I like to watch others who are good? Marvel at what I cannot do?

-I’ve seen the Kahzakstan national football team (because they’ve played Germany in Euro and WC qualifiers I attended) play twice but never my own country’s nation team.

-Both films I’ve worked on have featured/starred actors from Twin Peaks (and both are now available on Netflix!).

-I don’t think I could live in a place that did not have some kind of large body of water. Everywhere I’ve lived so far has either had several lakes, a coast or a river within walking or 15-30 minute driving distance.

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